Tobbians: The Key in the Bottle

A My Choice Mini Adventure


by Michael Schroeder

Who it's for: Young Readers - 8+

Genre: Fantasy

Tobbians: The Key in the Bottle on

The winds of change were beginning to blow through the kingdom, stirring up even the far reaches of Provydeancia. There seemed to be an uneasiness rippling through the nine provinces. The King and his elite knights had their hands full in managing the complaints from the lords of the more discontented provinces. The dwarves had largely abandoned the mountains in Provydeancia, taking with them the stability their presence had afforded. Cave trolls were moving in. Certain delves had surfaced from various tribes seeking treasure and causing general mischief in the kingdom. And now the King’s own twins had disappeared…


Here is a short preview of what your adventure may hold in store...

“The treasure will surely be this way,” Elmeric said with glee, motioning to the left. He hopped to the door. “Follow me!” he insisted.

At that moment, Tobias heard a voice. The voice of a young boy. He turned his head, and up the flight of stairs, he could see a barred door and a boy and a girl, both about twelve years of age, clasping the bars, with tear-streaked faces. “Wait!” the boy said in a low voice. “Please help us! Please!”

Elmeric poked his head back through the door. “Come on!” he hissed at Tobias.

“Wait a minute! What about that little boy and little girl?” Tobias asked.

Elmeric glanced up at the two captives and then looked away carelessly. “Oh that’s the Prince and the Princess,” he intoned. “Are you coming or not?”

“But don’t you think we should help them, O Inconsiderate One?” Tobias asked.

“Help them!” the delf sneered. “They’re the ones who took my treasure! Why should I help them? They’ll want to take it again! I am here to reclaim my rubies, not to rescue anyone! And one of those rubies is yours...if you come to help. Well? What’ll it be?”

Choose: Go with the delves or try to rescue the prince and princess.


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